Antwerp and Bruges

Kitsch Can Make You Rich



In 2014 I spent 6 weeks living in the centre of Antwerp.

The area we where staying is called Borgerhout.  It was a melting pot of many nationalities, mostly poor immigrants but within this bubbled many young Flemish artistes and their children.

The picture you see was of a plaque beside the door bell of a house which I think was lived in by a group of artists.

Sweet Things

Sweet Things


Whilst walking round Bruges I was fascinated on how many chocolate shops exist.  I came across this shop just off the main square.  The shop window shone out like a beacon with a rainbow of beautiful colours, not sure what the sweets are but it made a change from seeing all the Belgium chocolate on display.

Tin Tin and Snowy


Tin Tin & Snowy

Did you know that Snowy is a white miniature Schnauzer.

I bought Mum a little stuffed Snowy to put on her bed.  She always wanted a dog but sadly where she was living didn’t allow dogs so Snowy was there to keep her company.  When Mum passed away and I was clearing out her flat I picked up Snowy from her bed and took him back home.  Now Snowy now sits on his orange cushion in the hall and every-time I see him he always reminds me of mum, also I can still faintly smell on Snowy the perfume mum used to wear.  Miss you Mum.

Maybe one day we can have a real living barking Snowy?

Antwerp Station

Antwerp Station

Antwerp Station

I must say this is one of the most impressive railway stations in the world.

After visiting it for the first time during my 5 week stay in Antwerp I went back on a couple of occasions just to take numerous photographs of the magnificent architecture.  It is so breath taking looking up at the amazing glass roof.