Category: Countryside

Sun Rays

    I always feel better when the sun is about to shine.    

Mollina Herdsman

  I would love to spend a day with the Mollina herdsman.¬† Each day I see him wandering in the vine groves outside the village of Mollina with…

Spring Is Coming

    This picture was taken in the rolling hills of the Cotswold’s very near to Chipping Norton. It was Spring and the trees were showing the beginnings…

No Leaves


Punting In Cambridge

Happy memory – spending the day exploring the River Cam and Grantchester Gardens. Took this whilst working in Cambridge for a week teaching foreign students photography.


Visited my sisters allotment which is just outside Whichford.

Field Of Flax

Whilst walking across the fields near Whichford, Warwickshire¬† I found a field full of flax which is commonly known as the linseed plant.¬† The colour of the flax…

Punting On The Cam