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All about our dogs and others

Our Little Tree Rats

We have regular visitors to our garden in Andalucia. For many years our family of tree rats live in Eden. Walnuts, pinenuts, cherrys, apples, grapes …..

Happy Daisy

Tommys Fav Place

Our Sweet Little Daisy

Our precious little Daisy. We had to feed her from day 1 as her mother Sally didn’t want to get involved with motherhood. It was an amazing experience…


  One of Bobs favourite pastimes was to lie in the sun and soak up the warmth.     Our Little Bobby

European Wolf

Lobo Park in Andalucia is an amazing place to be one with the wild wolves.


    Sally was born April 30 2010 somewhere in Cumbria and brought to the Isle of Wight at 7 weeks old.  She was a very small furry…

Little Bob

Schnauzer In Granchester Gardens