Mollina Herdsman


I would love to spend a day with the Mollina herdsman.  Each day I see him wandering in the vine groves outside the village of Mollina with his many goats, and sheep.  Always by his side is his faithful Spanish Water Dog.

I took this picture when his was just about to cross the road beside our house, Cortijo Las Vinas.

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  1. Wow. Really cool. It’s so good you’re taking cacnhes. I love all the color you used. In that one of the wall (Alcazaba archway) I loved the color of the wall! I think your use of color throughout was excellent. I loved both of the Torrox Plaza pieces. And the third dancer piece was very appealing. Great that you had a good teacher, and also the openness of mind to experiment. Keeps the brain juices flowing!

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