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Osborne House Potting Shed

Osborne House Potting Shed
Osborne House Potting Shed


I came across this lovely building (The Potting Shed) in the walled gardens of Osborne House on the Isle of Wight.

Osborne House, the late Queen Victoria’s Summer Retreat is a beautiful house to visit and the gardens are magnificent.  Also at the far end of the gardens is  the Swiss Chalet which was built for Victoria and Albert’s children, which I found very fascinating especially the little collections of fossils and natural history artefacts collected by Albert.


image of miniature schnauzer
Sally Rose

Sally was born in Cumbria and shipped over to the Isle of Wight to the breeder we got her from, a local breeder called Pat Salt.

We got her at just 8 weeks old and she would curl up at the top the bed, until one night she got lodged in between the mattress and headboard.  We woke up to young Sally screeching out for help, at first not knowing where she was.