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I first got interested in Photography at an early age and after leaving school I worked as a hand colour printer for 2 years in a commercial photography studio in Liverpool. I then attended Liverpool Art School, and Blackpool College of Art before moving to London.



  1. Ursula Rose

    Hello, my namesake! I stumbled on your photo website, and liked what I saw. Since I am also interested in photography I looked at your website. Your black-and-white pictures are really wonderful.
    However what drew my attention first was : the seagulls on the ice. Myself I am living in Vienna, Austria, and several years ago in a very cold winter, there was ice on the Danube, and I also photographed some seagulls on the ice.
    However, I must admit I am only a hobby photographer, so I don’t compare with you.
    Hope you have a nice evening

    Ursula Rose, Vienna, Austria

    • Hi Ursula – I was so nice to hear from you and your very kind remarks. I only studied photography at art school many years ago for only a couple of months. Thank goodness today using a digital camera allows me to take many photos and no huge costs to process my pictures. You are very lucky to live in Vienna, it is a beautiful city, and Austrian country side is breathtaking.

      I used to process my own b&w photographs in a dark room, now I just edit my colour pics into black and white, also I use a Panasonic Lumix camera and create pics by moving the setting to b&w.

      Please keep in touch – I would love to see some of your work.
      All the best

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